Social Media

Social Media has taken off as a form of communication. Tweeting, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging have become part of our vocabulary.

This is another area where you can incorporate the Irish language easily into your everyday business at no extra cost!

Below are a list of useful phrases that could be used on your Facebook page. If you require any further translation, please do not hesitate to contact us on or 091 568876.

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Opening or closing a tweet or message

  • Dia Daoibh – Hello (plural)
  • Dia Daoibh ar maidin – Hello (ar maidin)
  • Bíodh lá maith agaibh – Have a good day (iolra)
  • Cén chaoi a bhfuil sibh inniu? – How are you (plural) today
  • Lá breá samhraidh anseo i nGaillimh  – A lovely summer’s day here in Galway
  • Slán go fóill– Bye for now
  • Oíche Mhaith – Good night
  • Sin é! – That’s it
  • Bíodh tráthnóna/deireadh seachtaine maith agaibh – Have a good evening/weekend
  • Coinnigh súil amach – Keep an eye out
  • Bí linn – Join us
  • Buail isteach – Drop in

Other General Phrases:

  • Fáilte go dtí mo bhlag – Welcome to my blog
  • Déan nasc liom – Connect with me
  • Cad é bhur dtuairimí? – What is your opinions?
  • Bí linn – Join us
  • Buail isteach – Drop in
  • Ádh mór ar fhoireann Rugbaí Chonnacht – Best of luck to the Connacht Rugby team
  • Ádh mór ar fhoireann Sacair na hÉireann  – Best of luck to the Irish Soccer Team
  • Tá an deireadh seachtaine linn – It’s the weekend


For restaurants and hotels: 

  • Bain sult as do bhéile – Enjoy your meal
  • Mias an lae – Dish of the Day
  • Bain sult as do bhriseadh linn – Enjoy your break with us.
  • Bia blasta an lae – Tasty food of the day
  • Blas na Gaillimhe ar fáil anseo – The taste of Galway available here
  • Lig do scíth agus buail isteach – Take a break and call in.
  • Comórtas na seachtaine/na míosa– Competition of the Week/Month
  • Dinnéar do bheirt sa bhialann– Dinner for two in the Restaurant


For Retail and other companies: 

  •  Tairiscintí Speisialta – Speical offers
  •  Branda nua sa siopa inniu – A new brand in our shop today
  •  Táimid oscailte go dtí 9 a chlog anocht, fáilte isteach! – We are open until 9 pm this evening, welcome in!
  •  Buail isteach le haghaidh ár dtairiscintí speisialta atá ar fáil inniu – Call in for our special offers.
  • Lascaine 50% ar fáil inniu – 50% discount available today


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