Advice for Restaurants

Gaillimh le Gaeilge work with restaurants on a continual basis as part of the Gaeilge Á La Carte project. All of the restaurants and hotels in Galway city who provide bilingual

Lohans Bilingual Menu, Salthill, Galway

Lohans Bilingual Menu, Salthill, Galway

menus are listed here. Gaillimh le Gaeilge hosts their regular business lunches in hotels and restaurants listed on Gaeilge Á La Carte.  Up to 30 people attend the Lón Gnó. This is an informal event, an opportunity to practice or use your Irish, meet new friends and make business contacts!

The menu in your café or restaurant is a great opportunity to incorporate some Irish into your business. Whether you choose to simply

Why bilingual?

Gaillimh le Gaeilge recommend that all your menus be bilingual, as opposed to having an Irish menu on-hand if it is requested. Customers, no matter what language they speak, go to a restaurant or café looking for food and drink. Therefore, the impact is much greater if there is Irish visible on the menu, alongside English, so that both Irish speakers and non-Irish speakers can appreciate the recognition of the language and the diversity it brings to their restaurant experience.


Bilingual signage outside Péarla na Mara


There are a few different ways to incorporate Irish onto your menu – obviously the amount of Irish u
sed will depend on space and resources. Gaillimh le Gaeilge don’t recommend that restaurants have a separate Irish menu for their Irish-speaking customers – Irish speakers (like everyone else) usually go into a restaurant looking for food, not an Irish menu. Therefore, it is much more effective to have one menu with Irish and English clearly visible.


The extent to which you make your menu bilingual will depend on various factors, mainly space. Gaillimh le Gaeilge do not advocate squeezing Irish onto a menu for the sake of it – both languages should be presented clearly where there is space. Gaillimh le Gaeilge are happy to advise restaurants on possible layouts and the amount of Irish suitable for their menus.GALC_web_DEIS


Getting going

Gaillimh le Gaeilge provide a translation service to ‘Cairde Ghaillimh le Gaeilge’ – for details on how you can become a Cara click here. To talk to us about using Irish in your restaurant, phone (091) 568876 or email