Create a Bilingual Business

By introducing the Irish language in your business, you can add value and attract business in a simple and cost effectiveWP_20151126_001

Irish can be used in any area of your business – for example in signage, stationery, in brochures, websites, social media or through providing a service in Irish.

You don’t need to be a fluent speaker to use the language in your business – Gaillimh le Gaeilge is here to help!

There are many reasons for using Irish in your business.  

Here are some of them:

  • The Irish Language is worth in excess of €136million in Galway City and County – The economic benefits associated with the Irish language which accrue to Galway City and to the Galway Gaeltacht.  [By: Bane Mullarkey Ltd. in partnership with Jerome Casey & Co. Ltd]
  • Using the language harnesses goodwill at low cost – most Irish people are very sympathetic towards the language, and have a desire to speak and understand it
  • It attracts new customers, especially among Irish speakers and learners – Galway city holds a unique Irish-speaking customer base, many of whom will choose a company that uses Irish over one that does not
  • It can show breadth of vision – advertising in Irish shows a broad recognition for not only differences of language but differences of culture and background too
  • Using the language can create a distinctive image and signal a commitment to quality and excellence
  • Irish can help a company’s authentic Irish image, and Irish ownership
  •  It attracts tourists – visitors want to experience a place that feels, looks and sounds different

For more information on how you can use more Irish in your business please click here.