Strategic Goal 3- Cultivate a sense of community ‘ownership’ of the Irish language in the city community

Gaillimh le Gaeilge has continually, since our foundation in 1987, promoted the idea of community ownership of the language and of the bilingual image of Galway city. While it instills a sense of local pride in the language and in the city as a different and unique place, it also allows the community to become involved in the language, and engage with it at an informal level.  Gaillimh le Gaeilge must work ‘on the ground’ with the city community towards the achievement of this goal. Its success is linked to success in other areas but will require a distinct set of actions to achieve positive outcomes.

Gaillimh le Gaeilge has and continues to develop and strengthen co-operation with other groups in Galway  city to achieve this objective. Among the groups Gaillimh le Gaeilge have developed a close association with are:

  • Galway City Council
  • Galway Chamber
  • Galway City Business Association
  • GMIT
  • NUI Galway

Regular contact is maintained with other buisness umbrella organisations in the city.

  • Arts Groups
  • Cairde Ghaillimh le Gaeilge
  • Community Groups
  • Galway BPW
  • Galway City VEC
  • Network Galway
  • The Galway branch of the Vintners’ of Federation of Ireland,
  • The Galway branch of the Irish Hotels Federation
  • The Galway branch of the Restaurant Association
  • The Latin Quarter