Bilingual Status

Strategic Goal 1 – To secure official Bilingual Status for Galway city

The ‘Exploratory Study into Bilingualism in Galway city‘  highlighted that Galway city was an ideal setting for a bilingual city.

The proximity to the Gaeltacht and Galway city’s reputation for the arts and Irish music were factors which contributed to the bilingual status for the city.

Respondents had little doubt that bilingual status would benefit Galway city and the region with many attributing the benefits to the local tourism industry.

An overwhelming majority of Galway people surveyed thought that Bilingual status would have a positive impact on the city and would be proud if bilingual status would be conveyed on the city.

Galway City is suggested as a ‘Baile Seirbhíse Gaeltachta’ for the Galway Gaeltacht { Ó Giollagáin, C.: Mac Donnacha, S. et al. (2007), Comprehensive Linguistic Study of the Use of Irish in the Gaeltacht p.25}